Lookout tower on Svatobor near Sušice

Are you attracted by lookout towers, do you like nature and at the same time are interested in history? Then the lookout tower on Svatobor will be the right tip for you!

Lookout tower on Svatobor near Sušice Lookout tower on Svatobor near Sušice Lookout tower on Svatobor near Sušice Lookout tower on Svatobor near Sušice

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Adress: , Sušice
GPS: 49.32242300, 16.51834800
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Interesting facts Lookout tower on Svatobor near Sušice

Svatobor Hill is located about 3 km west of Sušice and about 25 km southeast of Klatovy. It is on it that the lookout tower from 1934 is placed at an altitude of 845 meters.

Its total height is 32 meters. From a height of 28 meters, in which there is an observation deck, you will have a circular view of part of the Šumava Mountains and the Central Bohemian Highlands. This magical view will be a pleasant reward for climbing the 182 steps that lead to the tower.

The lookout tower can be reached directly by car, which is probably also the most convenient of the possible routes. Before Hrádek, turn left and drive through Odolenov to the lookout tower. For pedestrians, there is a red marked hiking trail leading from Sušice. If you decide to follow it, prepare for an elevation gain of more than 350 meters.

In May, June and September, the lookout tower is open daily except Mondays from 10 am to 5 pm. During the summer holidays it is open daily from 10 am to 10 pm. In April and October, you can only get here on weekends, between 11:00 and 18:00.

From the Svatobor mountain in Sušice, three buildings look down: the first is a concrete tower, the second a lattice steel structure and the third a stone lookout tower 32 meters high.

In 1894, two institutions agreed on the construction of a lookout tower on Svatobor Hill: the Czech Tourist Club and the Sušice Decoration Unit. The tower was built by Rudolf Mirvald and the project was developed by Vratislav Pasovský. However, the construction of the tower was not very favorable for the financial situation, the technical conditions related to the import of materials, and even the weather. The construction itself thus lasted for four years. Although the lookout tower was completed, it was not opened to tourists for another two years. At that time, a shelter for tourists was being built near the lookout tower, and the Czech Tourist Club wished to ceremoniously open both buildings at once. This event was scheduled for September 8, 1900.

The lookout tower is often called Sušický lighthouse. It has the shape of a truncated pyramid with a battlement on its top, which was roofed in 1906.

Shortly after its completion, the lookout tower began to tilt to the northeast, which caused mainly a heterogeneous subsoil. The lookout tower tilted more than a meter and the masonry began to tear. Although the lookout tower was reinforced with strips around the perimeter, its condition worsened until it had to be closed to the public in the early 1930s. The Czech Tourists Club planned to repair the tower, but experts advised the demolition of the entire lookout tower. The demolition was approved, but even before it, on May 4, 1934, the lookout tower fell on its own. In four days, the shelter was liquidated.

The construction of the new lookout tower did not delay much. It started on May 10, 1934. Originally it was planned to build an iron tower this time, but in the end the stone won again as material. This time, Jan Houra was entrusted with the construction, who proceeded according to the original plans of Vratislav Pasovský. The tower with a total height of 32 meters was ceremoniously opened on August 12, 1934. The new tourist cottage, which still stands by the lookout tower, was opened a year later.

During World War II, the cottage was used as a convalescent home for German children. From the 1950s to 1970, the area was used by soldiers. From 1970 to 1989 it was owned by SSM.

Today, the town of Sušice is the administrator of the lookout tower. Since 2007, adjustments have been gradually made here. The kitchen and toilet were reconstructed, a new roof was purchased, a new water well was drilled, etc.

Author: Andrea Štyndlová