Děd u Berouna

Don't miss the view of the Křivoklát Highlands, an almost fairytale landscape, from the Děd u Berouna lookout tower!

The brick lookout tower is located on the Děd hill, about 4 km northwest of Beroun. It is located at an altitude of 492 meters and its total height is 12 meters.

Information for visitors

Adress: , Beroun
GPS: 49.96707100, 14.03442700
Děd u Berouna map

Interesting facts Děd u Berouna

The viewing platform is located at a height of 10.8 meters above the ground and leads to it by a total of 56 steps, of which 23 stone and 33 iron, located inside the tower. After their ascent, you will have a view of the northern and northeastern side, ie the Křivoklát Highlands.

The lookout tower is open to the public without restrictions. You can get to it only on tourist marked paths. From the local part of Beroun - Zdejcina or Zahořany you can get here along the green tourist sign, from Beroun just follow the blue and red tourist sign. If you go here by car, it is best to leave it at Zdejcina and from there go along a forest path along the green tourist sign.

The Děd lookout tower is not the only viewpoint in Beroun. The second is the lookout tower on Městská hora.
The history of the lookout tower on Děd dates back to 1891, when the Czech Tourists Club submitted a proposal for the construction. The lookout tower was supposed to be the end point of the tourist route leading from Beroun to Děd. The twelve-meter high tower, designed by the builder Douda, was completed in 1893. The construction lasted only four months. The view of the surroundings was offered to tourists for the first time on September 17, 1893 and was directly charming. If the weather was successful then, it was possible to see Říp and Milešovka. The lookout tower on Děd was the first to be established on the initiative of the Czech Tourists Club.

The tower immediately gained a number of supporters. Not only locals but also tourists from more distant places went to visit it. Unfortunately, the lookout tower became a frequent target of vandals. In 1914, the Czech Tourists' Club even announced a reward for those who caught them. The situation was then resolved by locking the lookout tower, and the key could be borrowed.

Unfortunately, interest in the lookout tower declined even during the period of totalitarianism. The ever-growing trees obscured the beautiful view. The hill was forested and felled only in 2001, but only in the northern and northeastern directions.

Author: Andrea Štyndlová