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Let yourself be pleasantly surprised by the lookout tower near Bohdanč and the view you will get from it!

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Adress: , Bohdaneč
GPS: 49.78325400, 15.23146000
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Interesting facts lookout Bohdanka

The wooden lookout tower is located on a slight hill, rising about 1 km behind the village Bohdaneč to the northeast. From Kutná Hora, this place is about 20 km south. The lookout tower is located at an altitude of 498 meters and was opened in the spring of 2011.

The total height of the lookout tower is 52.2 meters. The viewing platform, which leads to 216 steps, is located at a height of 42 meters and offers a beautiful view of Říp, the Giant Mountains and with good visibility to southern Bohemia.

If you come to Bohdaneč on road No. 339 in the direction from Ledče nad Sázavou, turn right in front of the Bohdaneč pond, which is located on the edge of the village. The narrow asphalt road around the pond leads further to Řeplice. On the right side it will be lined with orchards, which you have to go all the way to the end. Behind him, a turnoff leads up to the lookout tower. It is a dirt road, about 200 meters long.

The wooden lookout tower near Bohdanč is definitely worth a visit not only because of the view it offers, but only because of its construction, as it is the tallest building of its kind in Europe. Within the wooden lookout towers in the Czech Republic, it has overall larger dimensions. It is 52.2 meters high and the base measures 8 x 8 meters. A total of 160 m3 of logs were used for its construction.

The lookout tower owes its origin to the Look Around Bohdanč project, within which cycle paths and nature trails have also been built here. Preparations for the construction of the lookout tower took several years. The idea came from the head of Ing. Mičánka, owner of the timber company Less, a.s. already in 2003. He himself developed a construction plan, but finding a designer who would do such work was not easy. The project documentation was finally taken over by the employees of the Czech Technical University in Prague and the Technical University of Brno, and the construction was finally carried out by the general contractor PSK from Zlín.

The construction of the lookout tower is mostly built of spruce wood. The upper part was then made of larch, as this wood is better able to withstand the weather. At a height of 22.5 meters there is a resting platform. And the main, sightseeing, is located at a height of 42 meters.

In good weather, the view from the lookout tower is truly fabulous and tourists can enjoy it from 14 May 2011.

Author: Andrea Štyndlová