Ládví-Vlková observation tower

Are you planning a trip around Prague, but you don't know the exact place yet? Try to go to the lookout tower near Kamenice! It is located just a few kilometers from Prague and offers a really pleasant trip!

Ládví-Vlková observation tower Ládví-Vlková observation tower Ládví-Vlková observation tower Ládví-Vlková observation tower Ládví-Vlková observation tower Ládví-Vlková observation tower

Information for visitors

Adress: Lesní, Ládví/Kamenice
GPS: 49.88468100, 14.59978600
Ládví-Vlková observation tower map

Interesting facts Ládví-Vlková observation tower

The settlement of Ládví u Kamenice offers tourists a modest but magical view of the surroundings thanks to its lookout tower, located at the foot of the Vlková hill. You would find this place between the villages of Ládví and Ládeves u Kamenice, approximately 20 km southeast of Prague.

The lookout tower is made of iron and serves, of course, primarily as a mast for a mobile operator. Its construction took place in 2009 and was opened two years later. Its total height is 45 meters. A total of 150 steps lead to the viewing platform, located at a height of 25.3 meters above the ground. The view from the tower allows you to see only the surroundings to the south, ie Posázaví. To the west is the Vlková hill with a higher altitude of 521 meters, and therefore a view in this direction is not possible.

You can start access to the lookout tower at the "Kamenice-Ládví" suburban integrated transport stop, from where an asphalt road and a blue tourist sign lead to the lookout tower. The road to the lookout tower is about half a kilometer long.

The lookout tower is open daily from 9 am to 7 pm.

The lookout tower has a standardized construction in the form of a mast or tube, which spirally copies a staircase of one hundred and fifty steps. The staircase is not covered and also has perforated steps, so climbing up is not recommended for people suffering from dizziness.

At the foot of the Vlková hill, there is already a lookout tower, but it is currently not open to the public. T-Mobile had the mast built here at the turn of 2009/10. The company wanted to build a mast here earlier, in 2007, but these plans were somewhat thwarted by the condition of the village of Kamenice that the building must also serve as a lookout tower.

The base of the lookout tower is a reservoir supplying water to the surrounding villages. The construction was carried out by the company SBM-Holding Groupe s r.o. from Kladno.

The lookout tower was officially opened in August 2011.

Author: Andrea Štyndlová