Tobias Hill lookout tower

Combine your Central Bohemian journey with a trip to Tobiášův vrch! From the local lookout tower you will have a beautiful view of the near and far surroundings!

Information for visitors

Adress: , Bukov
GPS: 50.13227100, 13.49553900
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Interesting facts Tobias Hill lookout tower

The iron lookout tower, which also serves as a mast of mobile networks, is located on Tobiášov vrch near Jesenice and approximately 20 km northwest of Rakovník.

The total height of the lookout tower is 47.6 meters. After climbing 137 steps, you will find yourself on a viewing platform at a height of 25.7 meters above the ground and you will have a view of the Džbán Mountains, Rakovnická Uplands, Doupovské and Krušné Mountains. From the south side there is a forested vegetation, so the view is quite limited. Information boards will help you with orientation.

The lookout tower is run by the Club of Friends of Lookout Towers. The opening of both is divided into several parts according to the time of year. From 22 May to 25 September, access is available every Saturday from 11:00 until 16:00. During the holidays, the opening hours are extended by one hour, ie until 5 pm. The lookout tower is closed to the public on Sundays.

The lookout tower is clearly visible from the Jesenice crossroads. If you are driving on the road in the direction of Jesenice, turn left after about one kilometer after the crossroads. Drive up to a slight climb, where there is a parking space. You can continue for about 300 meters to the lookout tower or you can walk along the green or blue tourist sign.

The Tobiášův vrch lookout tower is located about two kilometers from the Jesenice crossroads, ie the point where two large road routes intersect: Žatec - Plzeň and Prague - Karlovy Vary. The iron telecommunication tower with an observation deck for tourists is located on the northwest side of Tobiášova vrch.

Plans for the construction of a base station for mobile operators took place in 1998. At that time, however, the Rakovník District Office set a condition that the construction also have an observation deck for tourists and thus fulfill the function of a lookout tower. The construction took place in 1999 and the companies Radiomobil and Eurotel participated in it. The grand opening of the lookout tower took place on July 1, 1999.

In 2007, however, the observation tower was closed due to lack of funds for its operation. The lookout tower was reopened in 2010.

Author: Andrea Štyndlová