Kratochvíl lookout tower

Just a stone's throw from the center of Roudnice nad Labem you will find a very nice lookout tower from the period of the First Republic. It is located at an altitude of only 230 meters, so at first glance it may not seem very interesting, but if you visit it, it will convince you otherwise. A total of 50 steps lead to the viewing platform. After overcoming them, a magical view of the Bohemian Central Mountains will open up to you, thanks to whose breathtaking you will be perfectly convinced of the importance of the Kratochvíl lookout tower.

Information for visitors

Adress: Dr. Slavíka 2740, Roudnice nad Labem
GPS: 50.42164420, 14.26110110
Kratochvíl lookout tower map

Interesting facts Kratochvíl lookout tower

View from Kratochvíl lookout tower

The view from the lookout tower is surprisingly beautiful due to the fact that the building is not at any significant elevation point. There are information boards right on the platform, describing the view you have. Unfortunately, they are a frequent target of vandals, so it is possible that you will not learn anything thanks to their rampage ...

However, you will definitely know the city of Roudnice nad Labem even without information boards. To the north it is possible to see a television transmitter on Buková hora and Varhošť. If the weather is favorable, you will see Milešovka to the west and you should also see Říp behind the treetops.

How to get here?

Kratochvíl's lookout tower is relatively easily accessible directly from the center of Roudnice nad Labem, but the road to it is not so well marked. If you leave Charles Square, take Řipská and Riegrova streets and turn left behind the police station. After climbing the stairs, cross the track and you will be almost at the lookout tower.

It is from the square that probably leads to the easiest way to the lookout tower, which is freely accessible to visitors.

History of the lookout tower

The construction of the Kratochvíl lookout tower took place in 1934. It was supposed to be a celebration and commemoration of the 60th anniversary of the Rolnická záložna podřipská, and it got its name from the first chairman of this institution, after Václav Kratochvíl.

The design of the structure is Ing. Dr. Štěpánek, who designed the lookout tower of an airy concrete structure on a circular floor plan. From the outside of the building there are 8 columns, between which a staircase turns.

Author: Andrea Štyndlová