Lookout tower on Čubova kopec near Francova Lhota

Take a trip to an unconventional-looking wooden lookout tower on Čubova kopec and you will not be disappointed! On the contrary, you will be pleasantly surprised by the local view of the distant surroundings!

Information for visitors

Adress: , Francova Lhota
GPS: 49.19479000, 18.13242900
Lookout tower on Čubova kopec near Francova Lhota map

Interesting facts Lookout tower on Čubova kopec near Francova Lhota

The building is located about 2 km east of Francova Lhota, about 25 km southeast of Vsetín.

It is situated at an altitude of 720 meters and its total height is 18 meters. A total of 58 steps lead to the viewing platform at a height of 15 meters. To the west and north you can see the valley between Vizovické vrchy, Makyta and Javorníky. The south side offers a view of the White Carpathians. To the east you can see the Lysky Pass and Súlovské rocks. The panoramic signs, which were placed here in 2004, will help you with orientation.

The lookout tower can be reached from Francova Lhota by following the blue and red tourist signs leading from the bus stop around the shooting range. This road is about 3 km long.
You can drive to the northern edge of the village and from there follow the blue tourist sign and walk for about half a kilometer.

The lookout tower is open daily and freely accessible all year round.

You will find a lookout tower of original appearance near the Czech-Slovak border on Čubova kopec in Javorníky. Already between 1941-42, a wooden tower was built here. The Geographical Institute of the Ministry of the Interior was responsible for its construction. The structure was made of wood and stood here sometime until the end of World War II.

The classic lookout tower was not built here until 1991 on the initiative of the Francova Lhota agricultural cooperative. A wooden building with four floors and a height of 16 meters was created. Despite the fact that the lookout tower was provided with protective coatings, it did not withstand the local climatic conditions and wood-destroying fungi, so it had to be dismantled in 2004.

Immediately, a new lookout tower with a height of 18 meters began to be built here. Its construction is also made of wood (spruce and larch) and has a roof in the ground floor area. Its shape resembles a Wallachian hat, the so-called gluten. The project was developed by architect Závada. The lookout tower was reopened on August 20, 2004. Every year on this day there is a friendly sitting and also a New Year's welcome.

Author: Andrea Štyndlová