Army Park Orechov near Brno

The Ořechov military amusement park is located in the former area of the air defense of the city of Brno and its substantial part consists of a museum, underground hangars for Neva missile carriers, above-ground buildings and an underground command bunker. The concept of the museum is not classical with showcases and objects that visitors must not touch. It is more of a military open-air museum, which allows you to get acquainted with the function of the army.

Information for visitors

Adress: Orechov u Brna 740, Ořechov
GPS: 49.10464860, 16.54211060
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Interesting facts Army Park Orechov near Brno

The museum traces the history of our army from 1945 to 1989 and includes, for example, military equipment, military equipment, small arms and more.

Part of the Army Park Ořechov is also a playground for PAINTBALL, which is one of the best in the wider area.

The Army Park also has a MONKEY TRACK, which includes climbing frames, ladders, castles, beams and other elements of a paramilitary training track, where an instructor is available to visitors.

ATVs have become very popular, with which you can ride on a 400 m long track, adapted especially for these machines. These are Yamaha Breeze ATVs that do not require a driver's license or any major experience to drive. It is easy to drive and operate even for inexperienced riders.

Visitors are allowed to drive a Hummer or an off-road or armored personnel carrier in the field of the Army Park. All-wheel-drive military equipment is a great attraction for visitors.

Part of the area is also the necessary SHOOTING RANGE, where visitors can try shooting from a small shotgun, air rifle or in an interactive laser shooting range. They can also try throwing a grenade or shooting with a paintball rifle, and for the more experienced there is also a submachine gun - of course with blanks.

The way to relax adventurously is the MINI SEARCH. It is a special military tool for searching for mines - objects containing metal.

Directly in the terrain of the Army Park complex, visitors can ride SEGWAY two-wheelers, which are absolutely intuitive and easy to use. The balance is ensured by five independent gyroscopes, which monitor the balance, which the Segway maintains itself.

Author: Andrea Štyndlová