Infantry block in Šatov

Are you a fan of military history? Are you interested in military buildings, weapons and everything related to the defense of the homeland? In such a case, the destination of your trip could be the area of the Czechoslovak fortifications in Šatov. There is an accessible infantry cabin MJ - S 3 "Garden" and inaccessible inside MJ - S 2 "Uvoz", which can be seen at least from the outside.

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Adress: , Šatov
GPS: 48.79317390, 16.00992310
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Interesting facts Infantry block in Šatov

First, a little theory from a fairly recent history to make it clear how and why these objects were created. Border defense has always been important, and in the 1940s with a growing threat from Germany in particular. Therefore, a plan of fortresses and strongholds was created, which would guard the borders and could intervene in case of danger. However, the border with neighboring Austria has long been considered relatively safe, and the construction of heavy infantry or artillery cabins was not a priority. Only light fortifications of types 36 and 37, so-called aspen trees, were built. However, this changed with the occupation of Austrian territory by Germany in the spring of 1938. At that time, a total of 41 infantry cabins were commissioned for accelerated construction within two months. However, only six of them managed to stand up, the others remained unfinished at various stages, when the border was handed over to Germany at the end of September. And even these six log cabins stood only in a rough construction and were not equipped or used in any way. This came only after the Second World War, when the Czechoslovak army decided to reactivate them.

Three buildings near Šatov, two near Dyjákovice and one near Mikulov were completed in the 1950s and 1960s, including the surrounding terrain, gradually equipped with weapons and kept alert in case of need. The cabins did not have a permanent crew, but were always ready to serve their purpose and their full occupancy would mean 28 men. The army used infantry cabins until 1999, when they were evacuated and their equipment removed. Thanks to the Technical Museum in Brno and the Club of Historical Military Brno, however, some were re-equipped and MJ - S 3 "Garden" could be opened to the general public in 2005.

Infantry cabin MJ - S 3 "Garden" is put in the form of the eighties, including camouflage paint. Armament and equipment in it was used in the years 1960-1999. So what will you see here? Two fortress cannons model 44/59, mounts for two heavy machine guns, other equipment of soldiers, connecting equipment, a small chemical laboratory, air conditioning, soldiers' quarters, kitchen and sanitary facilities.

The guided tour lasts about 45 minutes. The cabin is accessible from June to September every day except Monday, in April, May and October only on weekends and holidays.

Author: Martina Limbergová