Educational trail of military history Králíky

In the eastern half of the Králická fortress area and in the direction north of the town of Králíky we find an educational trail of military history Králíky with a total length of about 6.5 km. It connects the U Cihelny Infantry Cabin, the Králíky Military Museum and the Hůrka Artillery Fortress, passes by the combat buildings of this fortress and heads to the Museum of Czechoslovak Fortifications from 1935-38.

Information for visitors

Adress: Velké náměstí, Králíky
GPS: 50.08861500, 16.76979690
Educational trail of military history Králíky map

Interesting facts Educational trail of military history Králíky

The uniqueness of this nature trail lies in the Röchling anti-concrete missiles, which were a secret weapon of the Third Reich. Even today, we find them buried in the walls of the artillery cabin K-S 11 in the fortress Hůrka.

Information boards are located along the entire route and can be boarded at all museums and on the Great Square in Králíky. The aim of this route was to connect the center of Králíky with three military museums, which are located on the northern edge of the city, as well as with other localities that are somehow connected to military history.

The nature trail does not have a circular character, but is composed of a secondary and main circuit, various branches and jumpers. You can leave the Municipal Museum Králíky, which is located on the aforementioned Great Square, and from where the route also leads to Kralický Sněžník and other places.

One-day walking routes:

• Route Š1 - leads from the railway station in Těchonín to the Bouda fortress and lasts about 5 to 6 hours. It is about 6.5 km long and leads along a forest section.
• Route Š2 - leads from the Králíky railway station through Velké náměstí and from there along information boards and signs along the nature trail. The time required is a 5 to 6 hour walk.

One-day routes with bus transport

• Route Š3 - leads from the cottage on Suchý Vrch, where it is possible to park a car and visit the lookout tower. It follows the red sign to the Bouda fortress and is approximately 3.2 km long. It takes about 5 hours.
• Route Š4 - you can take a bus to the car park at the entrance area of ​​the Museum of Fortifications - the Hůrka artillery fortress leads to the Museum of Czechoslovak Fortifications from 1935-38 and the infantry cabin K-S 14 U Cihelny. The time required is about 50 minutes.

Author: Andrea Štyndlová