Běloves museum of Czechoslovak fortification

The Běloves Fortress Open-Air Museum project is currently being implemented on the Běloves - Dobrošov nature trail, the aim of which is to take care of the buildings of the Czechoslovak fortifications, built between 1935-38. The core of this project is N-S 82 Březinka, a heavy fortification building, which clearly introduces visitors to the functions of the infantry cabin and the technical conveniences of the most important element in the fortress line.

Information for visitors

Adress: Pěchotní srub N-S 82 "Březinka", Náchod
GPS: 50.41550000, 16.19809500
Běloves museum of Czechoslovak fortification map

Interesting facts Běloves museum of Czechoslovak fortification

The Březinka infantry cabin was fully reconstructed to its original form from 1938, it is fully equipped and armed. Part of the tour of the infantry cabin N-S 82 Březinka is also an exhibition focused on the Czechoslovak fortifications of the neighboring building N-S 81 Lom.

The Náchod Military History Club currently takes care of two light fortifications and four infantry cabins, one of which is Březinka.

About the object

The Březinka infantry cabin was perfectly camouflaged with camouflage colored plasters, which have been renovated in recent years. At the edges of the ceiling slab were hooks used to attach camouflage nets and the entire ceiling was covered with turf. Seen from the border, the log cabin was completely camouflaged and merged with the grassy rampart.

In 1938, two armored bells were installed in the cabin, one 4-barrel for a heavy machine gun and the other 3-barrel for a light machine gun. In front of the loopholes are the so-called diamond ditches with a depth of 3.2 m and a width of 1.5 m, which were to prevent the enemy from accessing the loopholes. The thickness of the walls is 1 m on the upper floor and 1.5 m on the lower.

Near the Březinka cabin there is a reconstructed system of anti-infantry and anti-tank barriers.

The Běloves Fortress open-air museum can be found near Náchod on the route between the villages of Běloves and Dobrošov. The starting point is the infantry cabin Voda in Náchod-Bělovs, from where an educational marked trail will take you to Březince and Lom.

Author: Andrea Štyndlová