Underground fortress in Brdy

Only recently was a unique museum of nuclear armaments opened to the public, located in a secret underground fortress, which can be found in Brdy, between the villages of Borovno and Míšov. The opening was scheduled for June 2013.

Information for visitors

Adress: Míšov 51, Míšov
GPS: 49.62256390, 13.72575390
Underground fortress in Brdy map

Interesting facts Underground fortress in Brdy

Originally, the bunker probably housed a warehouse for Soviet nuclear ammunition and is now used as a museum of nuclear weapons. This secret underground fortress was at one time one of the most heavily guarded places in the whole country. At present, its premises are being renovated by the Iron Curtain Foundation.

The underground fortress in Brdy is a well-preserved technical uniqueness, which will be appreciated not only by enthusiasts of military monuments and history. The exhibition perfectly illustrates the period when the Eastern and Western powers were preparing for a nuclear conflict, known as the Cold War, whose suffocating atmosphere is well captured.

The underground structure covers 1,600 square meters and includes a hall in which nuclear warheads were stored, as well as other halls, each of which was used for a different purpose. The first hall focuses on the Cold War, the second on the Soviet nuclear program, the third on the American nuclear program and the fourth on the peaceful use of nuclear energy.

Author: Andrea Štyndlová