Memorial to the Victims of Communism Prague

Although the same creators entered the competition for the creation of the Memorial to the Victims of Communism here as in Liberec, they did not succeed in the end in Prague. The author of the Prague monument is the sculptor Olbram Zoubek, with the architects Zdeněk Hözl and Jan Kerel participating in the concept.

Memorial to the Victims of Communism Prague Memorial to the Victims of Communism Prague

Information for visitors

Adress: Vítězná, Praha 1
GPS: 50.08110000, 14.40390030
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Interesting facts Memorial to the Victims of Communism Prague

The monument is located at the intersection leading to the 1. Máje Bridge and Národní třída. It is also located in the axis between the Observatory at the top of Petřín and Vítězná Street in the valley. It is a distinctive monument that will not leave anyone cold. Unfortunately, sometimes even in a negative sense, because the vandals have relatively fallen for it. There was even a somewhat bizarre explosive attack behind the author of a number of bombings. It must be said that the local event was fatal for him, because he died as a result of injuries caused by his activities here.

The monument to the victims of communism is a massive staircase, which includes 7 statues. You will find them all at the top. The first is complete and the others represent gradually corroding male figures, which are to symbolically represent the gradual physical and mental suffering of men destined for liquidation.

At the bottom of the staircase is written: “Victims of Communism 1948 - 1989, 205,486 convicted, 248 executed, 4,500 died in prisons, 327 died at the border and 170,938 emigrated.

The same information then runs on a bronze belt across the entire staircase. The monument was unveiled on May 22, 2002.

Author: Adriana Dosedělová