The city of Liberec seems to be majestically looking down on Ještěd, the highest peak of the Ještěd ridge, climbing to an altitude of 1,012 m, thus creating a dominant feature not only in Liberec, but in northern Bohemia in general. Ještěd is also the only peak in the Ještěd-Kozák ridge, which exceeds the altitude limit of one thousand meters above sea level. The local asymmetrical knot can be seen not only from the surrounding area, but also from Prague, the Jizera and Lusatian Mountains and even from the Giant Mountains and the Eagle Mountains.

Information for visitors

Adress: Ještěd, Liberec
GPS: 50.73261530, 14.98505080
Ještěd map

Interesting facts Ještěd

In 1847, a stone cottage was built on top of a refreshment station, which was replaced after twenty-one years, near which a lookout tower with a total height of 5 m was built in 1876, but it did not stand here long and after its demolition m. It had a massive structure and its ceremonial opening was set for January 13, 1907. It was a unique building, which stood here until 1963, when it burned down on January 31.

However, the new building at the top of Ještěd did not take long, so two years after the fire of the old lookout tower, the construction of a modern building, a radio tower with a restaurant, 98 m high began. Its designer was Karel Hubáček, who was responsible for his work in in 1969 he was awarded the prestigious Perret Prize of the International Union of Architects. It has the shape of a rotating hyperboloid and offers visitors a magical circular view with almost no restrictions on all parts of the world.

In 1933, a 1,183 m long cable car was built to the top, overcoming a height difference of 400 m, leading here from Horní Hanychov.

Ještěd was declared a cultural monument in 1998 and is a very important perspective point of the Czech Republic.


Author: Andrea Štyndlová