Ještěd-Kozák ridge

If you thought, as I did until recently, that Ještěd is part of the Jizera Mountains, then you were sacramentally wrong. Ještěd is actually located in the Ještěd-Kozák ridge. Where? Somewhere between the Giant Mountains and the Lusatian Mountains.

Information for visitors

Adress: Ještědsko-kozákovský hřbet, Liberec
GPS: 50.65537530, 15.13842110
Ještěd-Kozák ridge map

Interesting facts Ještěd-Kozák ridge

This interesting geomorphological unit represents a narrow ridge only 60 kilometers long, which lies in the area between Liberec, Jablonec nad Nisou and Semily. Its edges reach as far as the edge of Jičín. Ještěd is then its highest peak.

You won't find too big cities in the area. The region begins to the northwest with a saddle between Pískovcovy vrch (Lužické hory) and Ostrý vrch (in the Ještěd-Kozák ridge). The peaks gradually increase. Quartzite is typical for the mountains and sandstone in the lower part. The ridge is relatively forested, so it does not offer too much, except for the top of Ještěd. Other parts of the mountains cover forests, meadows and fields. There are two nature parks in the area - Ještěd Nature Park and Maloskalsko Nature Park. In addition to these two parks, there are a number of other protected reserves.

The highest part of this mountain range is mapped by a red tourist sign, which will also take you to the most interesting places in the mountains, such as the Western Cave (the most important karst cavity in northern Bohemia), Ještěd terraces, Hanychovská Cave, Beech Republic and Ještěd. In the Kozákov part there is the highest point Kozákov, Táborský ridge with mountain Tábor and Tichánek lookout tower etc.

The area is suitable for hiking and cycling. A new hit is a ride on a scooter. Winter tourism here is relatively limited and dependent on unstable snow conditions. You will find the center of winter fun in the area of ​​Ještěd - Pláně pod Ještědem, where you will find a ski jump, ski slopes and maintained cross-country ski runs.


Author: Adriana Dosedělová