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The Jizera Mountains have long been considered the western tip of the Giant Mountains, but it is a separate mountain range. It is the northernmost mountain range in the Czech Republic and most of it continues beyond the borders in Poland, yet they cover over 400 km2 on Czech territory. For a long time, they also paid for the most inaccessible and very unfriendly mountains, tourism began to develop to a greater extent only at the end of the 19th century. Today, however, it is one of the most popular mountains for spending summer and winter holidays.

Information for visitors

Adress: Jizerské hory, Liberecký kraj
GPS: 50.80268190, 15.20603720
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Interesting facts Jizera Mountains - mountains

The very highest peak of the mountain range is located on the Polish side and is Wysoka Kopa. The Czech highest peak is Mount Smrk, reaching a height of 1124 m above sea level, but Wysoká kopa exceeds it by only three meters. At the top of Smrk there is a lookout tower, from which you will have a beautiful view of the Czech side, Poland and you can see all the way to Germany. It is on the slopes of the Spruce River that the river Jizera originates, which gave this mountain name its name. In addition to this mountain, there are another 14,000 in the Czech part of the Jizera Mountains. The second highest Czech mountain in Jizerky is Jizera with 1122 meters, then there is, for example, Černá hora or Smědavská hora. Not only these thousands are important peaks, for example, Tanvaldský Špičák is almost two hundred meters short of the thousand, and yet its slopes are the largest center of downhill skiing in the whole Jizerky. At its top is also a lookout tower, which is one of the most famous and most visited in the Czech Republic. At a similar altitude, there is also the Slovanka lookout tower on the hill of the same name and also the nearby lookout tower on Královka.

The vast majority of the mountain range is a protected landscape area of ​​the Jizera Mountains, which in the east is directly adjacent to the Krkonoše National Park. Among the natural attractions that deserve attention are, for example, the peat bog Jizerky and Na Čihadle. There are many more peat bogs here and they cover a total area of ​​more than 250 ha, but due to strict protection, most of this area is inaccessible. An exception is precisely these two peat bogs, which were partially accessible. The Jizera Mountains Beech National Nature Reserve is also popular with tourists. This place is attractive because it is full of interesting rock formations and views of the surrounding area. You will also find the largest waterfall in the Jizera Mountains, the 30-meter Velký Štolpich. The nature trail Oldřichovské háje a skály leads through the beeches, as well as a part of the nature trail Lesy Jizerských hor.

In winter, there is an extensive network of groomed cross-country trails measuring more than 170 km in the mountains. It is nicknamed the Jizera Highway and is very popular. It is used not only in winter, but also in other seasons, because it is led along paths suitable for hiking and biking. The original idea for its creation was related to the traditional cross-country skiing race Jizerská padesátka, which has been run here since 1968. It is for cross-country skiers that the Jizera Mountains offer some of the best conditions in our country. The Jizera Mountains are also an important climbing site with the best reputation.

One of the largest cities around the Jizera Mountains is Liberec. Why visit this city? Because it offers many beautiful sights, attractive activities for children and adults and perfect conditions for hiking and skiing all around. One of the dominants of the town and the most beautiful monument here is certainly the Neo-Renaissance town hall from 1893. The symbol not only of the town, but of the whole region is the Ještěd mountain and a typical television transmitter, which stands on its top. The mountain rises just outside the city and you can be comfortably led to the top by a cable car. For everyone, a visit to the Liberec Zoo, the oldest zoo in our country, which dates back to 1919, will certainly be a pleasant way to diversify your trip. Sychrov with its breathtaking interiors and relax while walking in its extensive park. The Hrubý Rohozec chateau is also very nice. But you are already in Turnov, the gateway to the Bohemian Paradise, which is another corner of beautiful nature and fascinating history.

Whether you are attracted to the Jizera Mountains by nature, winter sports, perfect mountain bike rides or many hiking opportunities, you will certainly not be disappointed in the slightest. It is beautiful in every corner of our picturesque country and the Jizera Mountains undoubtedly fully confirm this.