Klíč - Lusatian Mountains

One of the most beautiful views from the top of the mountain that can be seen here! The mountain is called Klíč and is the fourth highest point in the Lusatian Mountains. The altitude is then 760 meters. The key rises majestically over the surrounding landscape in places north of Nový Bor and is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful peaks in the Lusatian Mountains. It has a characteristic conical shape, which stands out especially from the west and east side. The south-western profile is disturbed by a high rock wall, on which ice falls and icicles form in the winter.

Information for visitors

Adress: Klíč, Svor
GPS: 50.78855670, 14.57280610
Klíč - Lusatian Mountains map

Interesting facts Klíč - Lusatian Mountains

We can meet this mountain for the first time in 1720, when it was marked on the maps under the name Kleis, while the later name Klíč began to be mentioned only in 1928. The origin of the name of the mountain Klíč has Proto-Slavic roots in the term "ključ", which denoted spring water, probably on the western side of the hill, where strong springs are still located.

The peak of Klíč territorially belongs to the Klíč National Nature Reserve and, despite the high altitude, it thrives on the southern slope of the hill. In the lower positions we find a rare flower of alpine starfish, rock fern or garlic chives. In the past, the peregrine falcon had a nesting ground in this area, today we can see the great egret and the raven here. We can also meet alpine chamois here.

To climb the top of Klíč in the Lusatian Mountains, you have to overcome an elevation gain of up to 400 m. However, the reward will be one of the most beautiful circular views. You can see the Jizera Mountains, the Giant Mountains, the Říp Mountain, the Ore Mountains and Czech and Saxon Switzerland.


Author: Andrea Štyndlová