Malý and Velký Bezděz - Ralská pahorkatina

The silhouette of two asymmetrical bell-shaped heaps is visible from a distance and forms the dominant feature of the Mácha region or the Českolipsko region. The area of ​​the slopes of Malý Bezděz has been one of the protected areas since 1949 and in 2009 it was declared a national nature reserve. At the top of Velký Bezděz we again find a castle built by Přemysl Otakar II.

Information for visitors

Adress: Malý a Velký Bezděz, Bezděz
GPS: 50.53893330, 14.71998670
Malý and Velký Bezděz - Ralská pahorkatina map

Interesting facts Malý and Velký Bezděz - Ralská pahorkatina

The area of ​​Malý and Velký Bezděz is on the list of Important European Localities. The Alpine Longhorn Beetle lives here, which you would not find anywhere else in the country, and there is a pseudo-karst cave, which is not accessible to the public.

Velký Bezděz reaches an altitude of 603 meters, since 1993 there is a nature reserve and at the very top we find the medieval castle Bezděz, called the king of castles, which is undoubtedly one of the most interesting castles in our republic. It has been preserved in an almost unchanged form until today, in which we find an early Gothic castle chapel and a Stations of the Cross with many chapels. The castle tower is 34 m high and offers visitors a magical view of the nearby Macha Lake, Ralská pahorkatina, Ještěd, Lužické and Jizerské mountains, but also the Bohemian Paradise or the Giant Mountains.

Malý Bezděz rises to a height of 577 m.n.m. and lies west of Velký Bezděz. It was once possible to find the advanced fortifications of Bezděz Castle here, after which the torso of the lower parts has been preserved. In the south-western area of ​​the peak, we find the now abandoned quarry quarry. From the top of Malý Bezděz there is a view from Mácha's lake to Kokořínsko.


Author: Andrea Štyndlová