Ralsko - Ralská pahorkatina

With an altitude of 696 meters, Ralsko is the highest point of the Czech Blackboard. It is a forested hill in the shape of a cone, located in the Česká Lípa district, which began to form in the Tertiary during the activity of a massive vein of basalt rock, which penetrated the layers of blocky sandstones. Erosion then gave rise to gorges, sandstone blocks and rock towers.

Information for visitors

Adress: Ralsko, Noviny pod Ralskem
GPS: 50.67443890, 14.76597360
Ralsko - Ralská pahorkatina map

Interesting facts Ralsko - Ralská pahorkatina

From the geomorphological point of view, Ralsko belongs to the Ralská pahorkatina and its top parts are part of the nature reserve of the same name. From nearby Mimona, a tourist-marked route around the Vranov Rocks leads to the top, and the view from the top offers a fairytale view towards Bezděz, Říp, Trosky or Ještěd.

Directly at the top of the hill is the ruins of a medieval castle, from which a torso of two residential towers, the remains of the perimeter masonry of the palace and other castle buildings have been preserved to this day. The first owner of the castle in 1175 was probably Heřman of Ralsko from the Markvatic family, and from 1380 its owners became the Vartenberks, who replaced the original wooden castle with a stone one. During the Hussite wars, the castle was conquered and later robber knights settled here. Around the beginning of the 16th century, when the castle fell into the ownership of the Bíbrštejn family, it began to fall into disrepair.

During the years 1969 - 1990, Ralsko was a Soviet military area, which was inaccessible to the public. At present, it is a very popular tourist destination.


Author: Andrea Štyndlová