With its peak, located at an altitude of 1,492 m, the majestic Praděd is the highest mountain in the whole of Moravia and Silesia, a noble icon of the Jeseníky Mountains and perhaps of the entire Moravian-Silesian region.

Information for visitors

Adress: Praděd, Malá Morávka
GPS: 50.08319060, 17.23094280
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Interesting facts Great-grandfather

Between 1903 and 1912, there was a lookout tower on Praděd, demolished in 1959 and 11 years later replaced by a transmitter and a television tower with a total height of 145 m. Today, the tower has a restaurant and a lookout tower, located at a height of 40 m. Not only from it, you will get a magical view of the Beskydy Mountains, the Giant Mountains and, with good visibility, even the High Tatras. Right on the top of Praděd you will also find the boundary stone of the Teutonic Knights, dating from 1721.

At present, Praděd is interwoven with a number of tourist marked routes and in its vicinity is also located the highest ski resort in the Czech Republic. Directly to the top leads from the cottage Ovčárna asphalt road, built here in connection with the construction of a television transmitter, and which is now used only for supply.

At present, the Praděd National Nature Reserve can include the peak itself and its wide surroundings, ie Bílá Opava, Petrovy kameny, Velká a Malá kotlina and Divoký důl. In the whole reservation you will find several rare species of animals and plants, vegetation with a forest-like character or glaciers. In addition, the Great Basin is the richest area in the Czech Republic in terms of flora.