Prašivá - Beskydy

Prašivá is one of the peaks in the Moravian-Silesian Beskydy. It reaches a height of 843 m.n.m. and the ridge begins with the peak of Malá Prašivá, 706 m above sea level, on which the church of St. Antonín Paduánský from 1640 and Chata Prašivá from 1921. The ridge then connects Prašivá directly to Čupel, a peak 872 m above sea level. The source of the Lučina stream is located on the Prašivá slope.

Information for visitors

Adress: Prašivá, Komorní Lhotka
GPS: 49.63429420, 18.50220690
Prašivá - Beskydy map

Interesting facts Prašivá - Beskydy

Prašivá belongs to the cadastre of Vyšní Lhota and occupies a part of the north-eastern area of ​​the Moravian-Silesian Beskydy, resp. the end of the main ridge of the Těšín Beskydy Mountains and forms their northernmost outcrop together with Godula, a peak 737 m above sea level.

Road to Prašiva

Prašivá peak is accessible for both pedestrians and cyclists and even by car. The train station is the closest in the village of Dobratice, from where a red marked trail with a length of about 5.5 km leads to the top.

If you go here by bus, get off at the Dobratice-Harenda stop, from where it is about 2.5 km. Even in this case, a red marked hiking trail will take you to the top.

From Pražma there is a blue marked road and from Vyšní Lhota follow the yellow road.

Stop at Malá Prašivá

The peak of Malá Prašivá is located about 1 km before Prašiva and you can stop here for several reasons: there is a tourist cottage with refreshments (and accommodation) and a small pilgrimage wooden church from 1640, dedicated to Antonín Paduánský. It is an important place of pilgrimage, where pilgrimages are traditionally held to this day.

Both from Malá Prašivá and the top of Prašivá, you will have a nice view of the surroundings, but there are mature trees on some sides. The most beautiful view is probably from the western slope.


Author: Andrea Štyndlová