Skalka is the highest peak of the massif called Ondřejník. It lies in its southern part above Kunčice nad Ondřejníkem and reaches a height of 964 m.n.m. Right in the middle of the massif is the Ondřejník peak, the second highest peak of the massif, with a height of 889 m.n.m.

Information for visitors

Adress: Skalka, Trojanovice
GPS: 49.60691580, 18.24131330
Skalka map

Interesting facts Skalka

Together with Ondřejník and Solárka, the Skalka peak is a very popular tourist destination. In addition, there is a tourist cottage and the chapel of St. Antonina.

There is a ski lift on the eastern slope of Skalka and below the top there is a slope used for paragliding. At the very top there are boulders about 2 meters high and the southern slope, at the transition from the slope to the cliffs, covers several rocks a few meters high.

According to legend, Skalka served as a shelter for the bandit Ondráš.

Refreshments are possible in the cottage on Solárka, which is nearby. There is no restaurant or tourist cottage directly on Skalka.

Road to Skalka

If you set off from Skalka from Solárka, get ready for a journey about 3.5 km long, which is marked by a blue tourist sign.

If you travel by train, it is ideal to get off in Frýdlant nad Ostravicí, from where you can also take the blue-marked path through Solárka to Skalka. The blue sign will also take you here from Kunčice pod Ondřejníkem.

Another tip for a trip to Skalka is the road from Čeladná, marked in yellow to the Opálená crossroads and from there along the green sign.

There is no marked cycle path leading to Skalka, but of course it is also possible to take a bicycle trip to the top along paved forest paths.

If you go by car, one of the options is to park it at the cottage on Solárka and then walk about 3.5 km to Skalka.


Author: Andra Štyndlová