Kněhyně - Beskydy

One of our "thousands", the third highest mountain in the Moravian-Silesian Beskydy Mountains and at the same time a massive massif lying southeast of Trojanovice, is named Kněhyně. Its name was derived from the Old Slavic expression, meaning the seat of priestesses, ie pagan ceremonies.

Information for visitors

Adress: Kněhyně, Čeladná
GPS: 49.49594500, 18.31398530
Kněhyně - Beskydy map

Interesting facts Kněhyně - Beskydy

The altitude of this peak is 1257 m and its highest parts have the character of about 150 m long plateau with raised edges. Until a few years ago, climbing to the top of this mountain was allowed, but currently tourists are forbidden to enter here. The top of the mountain is part of the Kněhyně National Park - Čertův mlýn, which protects spruces growing right at the top of Kněhyně and which have a forest-like character. This is where the ground beetle, a rare species of bird, also occurs. Along with it, it is also possible to come across a forest crane, a three-toed woodpecker or a raven.

At the very top of the mountain is a cast iron neo-Gothic cross with the figure of the crucified Jesus Christ. It stands on a stone pedestal and in 1860 it was erected here by Cardinal Friedrich Egon the lant crab of Fűrstenberk, who was the great patron of this region.

In the vicinity of Kněhyně, a monument to the Partisan Brigade of Jan Žižka, which took place here in 1944 and is commemorated by the torso of the bunker near the monument, is worth a visit.
About half a kilometer from the saddle is a well, near which we find a monument to the partisan Růžena Valentová.
Approximately 750 m below the top of Kněhyně, on its south-eastern slope, it is possible to see the entrance to the Kněhyňská Cave Nature Park, which are, however, closed to the public due to the safety of tourists and the peace of bats. The local large cave system has a vertical character and its corridors have a total length of 280 meters.


Author: Andrea Štyndlová