Šerák, a rather substantial mountain peak within Hrubý Jeseník, situated at an altitude of 1351 m, is very often a popular place for many hiking trails. Its peak falls under the National Nature Reserve Šerák - Keprník and nearby is Jiří's cottage, together with a meteorological station.

Information for visitors

Adress: Šerák, Ostružná
GPS: 50.18684500, 17.10668720
Šerák map

Interesting facts Šerák

From the village of Ramzová, you can get to Šerák by chairlift, from the top station of which there is a road over 200 m long at the top of Šerák. From Šerák, tourists who climb to its top will get a magical view of the Rychlebské Mountains, Jeseník or Králický Sněžník.

Snow has been lying on Šerák for about half of the year and there is an extremely cold climate. The temperature is averaged 2.2 ° C.

Cottage Jiřího na Šeráku, built in 1894 and standing on a stone base, currently serves as a restaurant and also offers accommodation throughout the year. The easiest way to get to the cottage is from the village Ramzová, about 6.5 km away. In its vicinity, the Giant Stones are often visited and a more demanding route leads to Praděd, the highest mountain in the Hrubý Jeseník.