Spruce - Rychlebské mountains

In the Czech Republic, we meet Smrk, as the name of the peak, very often and in one of our other tips you have the opportunity to get to know the highest peak of the Jizera Mountains of the same name. The Rychlebské Mountains, which are now being talked about, are also dominated by the dominant name. It is a total of 1,126 m.n.m. and is located in their southeastern region.

Information for visitors

Adress: Smrk, Lipová-lázně
GPS: 50.22946830, 17.03393940
Spruce - Rychlebské mountains map

Interesting facts Spruce - Rychlebské mountains

The state border with Poland passes through the area of ​​the Rychlebské Mountains and the Smrk Peak, as well as a number of tourist marked routes, so there are several ways to get to the highest point of the Rychlebské Mountains. The very top of Smrk is not covered by forests, so the reward for a hike up will be a beautiful view of the surroundings, Králický Sněžník, Jeseníky, from which you can see Keprník and Šerák, and for good visibility even the Giant Mountains.

In Smrk there is a nature reserve Malení - a highland with specific peat vegetation. Just a short distance from the very top of Smrk, the area is divided into the tri-border of Moravia, Silesia and Poland, and at this point there is a shelter with a tourist signpost and benches where you can relax.

The most common tourist route to Smrk leads from the village of Petříkov or Ramzová. Fans of more demanding terrain can try the route leading from the village of Horní Lipová. Interesting places and other tips for trips in the area are especially Nýznerovské waterfalls, Lví hora or Kovadlina peak with a beautiful view. From the surrounding towns and villages, the nearby Jeseník, Javorník or Žulová are worth a visit.


Author: Andrea Štyndlová