The carriage is located at an altitude of 1377 meters and is declared the eighth highest peak in Hrubý Jeseník. Its upper part belongs to the nature reserve and entry to the top is forbidden, however, it is almost customary to bypass the regulation, as perhaps every tourist is attracted by the beautiful circular views of the surroundings. If you look at the Trolley from a distance, for example from the Red Mountain, the local rock has the shape of a trolley, which has given it its name.

Information for visitors

Adress: Vozka, Loučná nad Desnou
GPS: 50.15305420, 17.10851810
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Compared to the surrounding peaks, the carriage is not so popular with tourists, which is probably caused by a certain remoteness of the place and perhaps even the haunting reputation that is associated with it. In the winter, a forman with a wagon and a load of bread was supposed to pass through here, which he was to transport to the north side of the mountain. During the trip, however, he got stuck in the mud and snow with the car and could not be helped. In the most difficult moments, the devil appeared to Forman and advised him to line the way with loaves of bread. Forman obeyed, and it soon became clear that the devil's advice was indeed good. But as the wagons rolled on loaves of bread like a race, a terrifying storm broke out, the rocks blew in gusts of wind and rain, and there was thunder in the air. When the terrible storm calmed down, a new rock rose on the local top, resembling a loaded car ...

In the vicinity, it is possible to take a trip to the Red Mountain, near which is a place of pilgrimage, Vřesová studánka. For more distant, but still more popular routes in the direction from Vozka is Praděd or Keprník.