Crane - Hanušovice Highlands

The only peak of the Hanušovice Highlands, which reaches an altitude of over a thousand meters, is called the Crane and has the character of a long hill, forested mostly by spruce. There are higher and more famous peaks in its vicinity, and perhaps that is why the Crane is a bit neglected. With its altitude of 1003 m, it became the lowest "thousand" in the Czech Republic.

Information for visitors

Adress: Jeřáb, Červená Voda
GPS: 50.05675780, 16.81287190
Crane - Hanušovice Highlands map

Interesting facts Crane - Hanušovice Highlands

Geographically, the Hanušovice Highlands are surrounded by the Rychlebské Mountains, the Orlické Mountains, Králický Sněžník and Hrubý and Nízký Jeseník. Its highest peak lies in the Jeřábská hornatina and Branenská vrchovina, which alone reaches an altitude of over 800 m within the Hanušovice Highlands.

The view from the top of Jeřáb is partially limited in many places due to the spruce forest, however, there are places from where you can see, for example, Králický Sněžník or the town of Šumperk. One of the tourist signs that can be reached to the top leads from the north side of the hillside and on its route it is possible to get to know other interesting places, one of them is Mariánský kopec, the other is Rudolfův pramen, Králíky or the pilgrimage chapel of St. Trinity. A slightly calmer and less frequented route then leads from the south of Crane. A romantic hilly landscape awaits you here with magical views of the surroundings. An equally more romantic road to Jeřáb leads from Moravský Karlov, from where the old asphalt road, resp. forest road winding between forest stands.

For those who would like to explore other peaks in the vicinity of Crane, they can go for example to Kamenec, Křížová hora, Bradlo, Háj or Čečel. However, none of them reach an altitude of over a thousand meters within the Hanušovice Highlands.


Author: Andrea Štyndlová