The peak with the German name Schwarzkopf occupies a place about 12 km southwest of Domažlice and only 2 km from the border with Germany. Its Czech name is Čerchov and it is the highest mountain in the Bohemian Forest with a total altitude of 1,042 m.

Information for visitors

Adress: Čerchov, Česká Kubice
GPS: 49.38318970, 12.78401000
Čerchov map

Interesting facts Čerchov

The Kurz lookout tower, standing on the very top of Čerchov, is today an inseparable dominant feature of Domažlice. Its predecessor was a simple wooden lookout tower, built here by Czech tourists at the end of the 19th century, and standing here until 1904, when the construction of the Kurz lookout tower began. It then served tourists until 1938, when it was seized by German troops and then, in 1950, also by the troops of the border guards. The view from it was forbidden to the public until 1989.

At present, in addition to the Kurz lookout tower, there is also a concrete military tower with a total height of 30 meters in Čerchov, which competes in height with the Kurz lookout tower, 24 meters high, and thus co-creates the dominant feature of the entire peak, although not exactly attractive.

Today, several tourist routes lead to Čerchov, one of which is the so-called Hanova cesta, leading here from Česká Kubica via Zelená hýšná and Česká studánka. This trail was once laboriously built, but later completely inaccessible to the public for many years, as evidenced by the very unusual stone stairs, which you will encounter during the hike to Čerchov by Hana's path.


Author: Andrea Štyndlová