Petřín - the most romantic place in Prague

Petřín magically attracts lovers of all ages throughout the year. Maybe Lucie Bílá with the song Love is Love is to blame. But the blooming Rose Garden and the cherry alley, especially on the first of May, literally tempt you to kiss in love.

Petřín - the most romantic place in Prague Petřín - the most romantic place in Prague Petřín - the most romantic place in Prague

Information for visitors

Adress: Petřín, Praha
GPS: 50.08344170, 14.39497000
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Interesting facts Petřín - the most romantic place in Prague

The 327 meter high hill changed several names, it was also called Hora, Kopec and Vrch sv. Lawrence, according to the consecration of the church on its top. Rocky Hill has already been described in his chronicle Kosmas. It was thanks to the stony subsoil that it became known as Petřín (from the Latin petra - rock). From there, marl was broken into a number of Prague buildings, but the local marl was also used for paving the Sázava Monastery.

Paradoxically, on Petřín, where lovers meet today, there used to be an execution site until the 14th century. After the construction of the Hunger Wall by Emperor Charles IV. was moved to the top of Vítkov.

Undoubtedly, Petřín's attractions include a lookout tower, a scaled-down copy of the Eiffel Tower in Paris, a mirror maze, a number of statues in the park, the Hungry Wall, the Štefánik Observatory, which prepares dozens of programs for the public, underground galleries and a cable car.

The cable car has been running with breaks to the top since July 25, 1891. It is part of public transport, so you can take a valid ticket or season ticket. The cable car line is only 510 meters long, connecting the stops Újezd ​​and Petřín, the intermediate station is Nebozízek with a lookout restaurant. The cable car is regularly out of operation in March and October, when it is being overhauled.

The underground galleries under Petřín are little known. The system of 18 galleries measures 365 meters, created since the Middle Ages thanks to the mining of coal, iron ore and ceramic raw materials. The XXII gallery with an exhibition of photographs from the Prague Underground is open to the public. This gallery is located in the Lobkovická Garden on Petřín by the lookout path leading from the Nebozízek station towards Úvoz. It is open on weekends from mid-April to the end of October from 10 am to 5 pm.

You can easily spend the whole day on Petřín. Whether you go for a walk along the Stations of the Cross, the reward will be a beautiful view of Prague Castle, or you will head to the Štefánik Observatory or the maze.

You can get to Petřín in several ways. The first is from Újezd, from where the cable car runs. Here you will also find the Monument to the Victims of Communism by Olbram Zoubek. The second path leads from Prague Castle, Strahov or Pohořelec.


Author: Lucie Poštolková