One of our "thousands", the highest peak of the Ore Mountains, is called Klínovec and with an altitude of 1,244 m it boldly ranks among the highest peaks in the Czech Republic. The very top of Klínovec is flatter and its dominant feature is a lookout tower with a TV tower and a hotel, in addition to which you would find several ski slopes and lifts.

Information for visitors

Adress: Klínovec, Jáchymov
GPS: 50.39646250, 12.96761690
Klínovec map

Interesting facts Klínovec

From Klínovec, tourists have a magical view of the surroundings, while with good visibility you can see Říp, Petřín and even Sněžka, which is two hundred kilometers away. The first simple view in the form of a wooden building in Klínovec has stood since 1817, but in 1884 it was replaced by an octagonal stone lookout tower with a total height of 24 m. During a visit to Klínovec, it is definitely worth seeing the hotel hall with a unique coffered ceiling, showing the coats of arms of all towns and villages around Klínovec.

Not only pedestrians, but also cyclists can use the chairlift to reach the top of Jáchymov on the way to Klínovec. Klínovec itself is interwoven with a network of hiking and biking trails of various lengths and levels. In addition, Klínovec is also a paradise for skiers, who can use the services of one of the two ski resorts, slopes with a total length of 7.4 km and 35 km long cross-country trails.

An asphalt road leads directly to the top of Klínovec, which, like one of the tourist routes, leads here from the nearby Boží Dar. The ascent to Klínovec is also very often chosen approximately 3.5 km long route, stretching here from the village Suchá, but with a very steep climb and elevation gain of about 400 meters.


Author: Andrea Štyndlová