Museum of Slaves Slavonice

The Jindřichův Hradec region or Czech Canada is a region characterized by a harsher climate, a melancholic atmosphere and, last but not least, dense forests. It is no wonder that in addition to many natural monuments, reservations and rock formations, you will also find such a rarity as the museum of self-growns.

Information for visitors

Adress: Stálkovská 23, Slavonice
GPS: 49.00428690, 15.33306610
Museum of Slaves Slavonice map

Interesting facts Museum of Slaves Slavonice

If you take the road from Slavonice to Stálkov, you can't miss the hunting lodge where the former forester lives, who devoted a substantial part of his house and life to collecting self-grown people.

You will be surrounded by hundreds of exhibits, from smaller to two-meter giants. The smaller ones are located both in the house, where the owner, for obvious reasons, does not normally accompany, and in the barn and garage, which are open to all visitors. Large loungers complemented by natural tables, armchairs and benches adorn the garden. With the same love and care with which he adjusts his self-made, the former forest technician also devotes himself to bonsai, which, in addition to grown conifers, complete the charm of his garden.

The bonus to the tour are funny glosses and accompanying words of the owner. In a pleasant way, they will share with you the experiences of finding self-grown people and draw your attention to particularly interesting pieces.

One of his self-growns, a wooden brain, can be seen in the Pelhřimov Museum of Records. The wooden stick was played in the cult film Pelíšky, and the filmmakers used the hunting lounge boasting hunting trophies, furs and, of course, self-growns several times. For example, in the film The Road from the City.

It is worth not to miss this poetic piece of Czech Canada, and if you have a rather contemptuous relationship with self-government, you may want to reconsider it after visiting this kingdom of wooden fantasy.

The outdoor exhibition is always accessible, the indoor one if you can find the owner at home or by appointment. You can find the contact on the website of the town of Slavonice.


Author: Ivana Dondová