Villa Tugendhat

Wondering what's so special about a villa from the first half of the 20th century that it was inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List in 2002? You will find the answer in Brno, more precisely in the Černá pole district, where the famous Tugendhat villa stands. It is the first monument of modern architecture in the Czech Republic and the fourth in the world to be added to the list. But be careful, book your ticket at least a month in advance, there is a huge interest in visiting this monument.

Information for visitors

Adress: Černopolní 237/45, Brno - Černá Pole
GPS: 49.20716420, 16.61605970
Villa Tugendhat map

Interesting facts Villa Tugendhat

The villa was built in 1928 by Greta and Fritz Tugendhat. Fritz Tugendhat was the owner of a prosperous Brno textile factory, so he could afford to hire the famous German architect Ludwig Mies van der Rohe and let him unleash his imagination. The construction of the house was completed in two years and meant literally a technical revolution in its time. Van der Rohe maximally connected the use of top material and the latest technologies. As a result, he surpassed the time by several decades. However, for an amount that would then be enough for more than thirty ordinary family houses.

What exactly is so fascinating about this villa? Above all, extremely comfortable living in a minimalist spirit, with the use of technical solutions that still deserve respect today. In the basement of the villa there is a technical background such as a boiler room, air conditioning or engine room for starting windows. These windows are one of the attractions, because they can be completely lowered to the floor to connect the interior of the house with the garden, for the same reason the villa has glass walls. The next floor of the house does not support classic walls, but slender chrome-plated columns, which also aerated the hall space and connected it with the surroundings. This lower floor features a living room, dining room, study and library in one. On the first floor there is a bedroom with bathrooms, from each bedroom it is possible to enter the terrace. Cooling in summer and heating in winter was provided by air conditioning, the villa also had an electronic security system. However, the Tugendhats enjoyed the comfort of their beautiful villa for only eight years, then had to emigrate from the Nazis across Switzerland to faraway Venezuela.

Today, Villa Tugendhat belongs to the city of Brno and after reconstruction in 2010-2012 is open to the public. You can also be amazed by its simplicity and at the same time genius, if you secure a place during the tour in time.


Author: Martina Limbergová