Museum of paper models in Police nad Metují

The unique Museum of Paper Models attracts not only with its permanent exhibition, but also offers a rich accompanying program for children, adults and entire groups. It was created with the support of the town of Police nad Metují and the patronage of the Museum was taken over by the well-known actress and presenter of the children's broadcast Marie Doležalová.

Museum of paper models in Police nad Metují Museum of paper models in Police nad Metují Museum of paper models in Police nad Metují Museum of paper models in Police nad Metují Museum of paper models in Police nad Metují

Information for visitors

Adress: Tyršova 343, Police nad Metují
GPS: 50.53529000, 16.23233000
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Interesting facts Museum of paper models in Police nad Metují

The museum was founded in 2012, and during its relatively short existence it has organized a number of workshops and programs for children and adults, including the "Week with Hercules", which took place during the spring holidays. It builds the reputation of a place where you can not only view paper models, but also spend time together meaningfully and creatively with family and friends.

Paper, as one of the oldest and most used materials, has accompanied humanity for centuries. The museum traces models and the creation of cut-outs as a field of human artistic endeavor. During their tour, you can admire the wit, artistic concept, construction and skill of model artists.

The exhibition offered by the Museum in Police nad Metují captures the historical development of paper modeling, from the oldest known paper cut-out from the 16th century, through cut-outs of soldiers from the end of the 19th century, models from ABC magazine, on which many generations of modelers grew. creation.

In total, you can see more than 1,200 exhibited works, most of which are unique and cannot be seen anywhere other than in the Museum of Paper Models in Police nad Metují. One of the largest is a replica of the Baltic coast, equipped not only with ships sailing by sea, but also with dominant and fully functional beacons, which are connected to electricity and lit.

The exhibition presents the work of our most famous modellers. Undoubtedly the greatest legend among the represented authors is the architect Richard Vyškovský, the crowned paper king, whose work has an incredible breadth. So far, he has created over 600 models and is still active at the age of 84. In the museum you will see a representative cross-section of his entire work, including his hitherto unpublished model of Prague Castle.

Another author, whose work is represented in the Museum, is the acclaimed graphic artist and artist Vladimír Rocman from Nové Město nad Metují. Křivoklát Castle from its workshop will welcome the visitor right at the beginning of the exhibition. In addition to him, he also created several very original cut-outs, which, in addition to perfect artwork, add a new element to paper modeling: movement. His Drummer or dinosaurs can attract not only children, but every visitor to the Museum.

Probably the most prolific contemporary author is Mr. Ondřej Hejl, who is represented in the exhibition by dozens of mostly architectural models. His models invite the visitor to a virtual tour of the history of architecture: from Romanesque rotundas, through delicate models of chapels, to the most contemporary architecture represented, for example, by the Study and Research Library in Hradec Králové.

The unique models are represented by the architect Milan Weiner, the author of the museum logo. Sheet. Weiner is a phenomenal author of so-called miniboxes, ie models that fit into a walnut shell. The comparison with the "normal" size of the models may sound curious at first, but in the end the visitor begins to admire the titre of the minibox world - similar to admiring Japanese miniatures.

Admirable models are cars from the workshop of Roman Hruška, who also designed the bodies for the cars of the motorway, located on the floor of the museum. From his models you can feel not only professional "male" interest, but also love for vehicles. The maximum effort for the greatest possible authenticity culminated in the models of Dakar specials.

The models, which were created according to ideas from Jules Verne's books, are presented by Ladislav Badalec. It moves the Museum's exposition even further - beyond the real border and slightly entices the idea of ​​the future. Another unmissable model of his is the transmitter on Ještěd, perched on an authentic copy of the top of the mountain above Liberec.

With its exhibition, the idea of ​​which was created by Mr. Josef Kropáček, and interactive programs, it is able to attract visitors of all generations and also attracts repeated visits.

So we wish you a lot of experience with our models ...