Liberec Regional Gallery in the spa

At the turn of 2013/14, the Liberec Regional Gallery moved to the premises of the former Městské lázně. The building of this spa is one of the most important monuments of the city. I have to say that the building is really breathtaking.

Liberec Regional Gallery in the spa Liberec Regional Gallery in the spa Liberec Regional Gallery in the spa

Information for visitors

Adress: Masarykova 723/14, Liberec I-Staré Město
GPS: 50.77382030, 15.06779640
Liberec Regional Gallery in the spa map

Interesting facts Liberec Regional Gallery in the spa

The building was built in the years 1901 - 1902 in the Neo-Renaissance style according to the project of the Viennese architect Peter Pauk Brang. The building is a cultural monument of the Czech Republic. Unfortunately, since 1984, the spa has not served its original purpose. In 1995, the spa was even sold to a private owner, but he did not take care of it and the building fell into disrepair. Finally, the city managed to win the spa back through a public auction in 2005. However, the city was still wondering what to do with the building until it decided to place the Liberec Regional Gallery in it. After extensive reconstruction, this unique and beautiful gallery was opened on the last day of February 2014. The reconstruction was designed by the SIAL studio under the direction of architect Jiří Buček and engineer Karel Novotný. As part of the reconstruction, a new depository building made of anodized aluminum stencils was added here, on which a motif from an original stencil for hand-printed fabrics from the second half of the nineteenth century was applied. This new depository won the Club Award for Old Prague as the most successful new building in the historical environment in 2013. In addition, SIAL also won the Grand Prix of the Community of Architects 2013 for this reconstruction.

The gallery, an art museum, can be found on Masaryk Avenue, opposite the North Bohemian Museum in Liberec. The exhibition in the Gallery is located on all 4 floors, two above ground and two underground. Visitors can not only enjoy themselves here, but they will also learn many interesting things about fine arts in an interactive way. The exhibition is playful, uses the senses, the ability to think logically, your creativity and thinking. The regional gallery owns 2,000 paintings, more than 3,000 drawings, 2,000 graphics and 300 sculptures. They have real gems in their collection, which are divided into 4 themes:

• Czech art of the 20th century
• 19th century French painting
• German and Austrian painting of the 19th century
• Dutch painting of the 16th - 18th century

It is open all year round from Tuesday to Sunday from 10 am to 6 pm, with the gallery closing an hour later on Thursdays. Set aside at least 1.5 hours for the tour.