Wallenstein houses

The Wallenstein houses are the oldest preserved Liberec houses, which you can find in Větrná street. These are exactly three houses. Well houses, rather their remains. It dates from 1678 - 1681 and is located to the left of Liberec City Hall, near Sokolovské Square.

Information for visitors

Adress: Větrná 268/8, Liberec I-Staré Město
GPS: 50.77096280, 15.05432920
Wallenstein houses map

Interesting facts Wallenstein houses

In fact, when we were looking for them, I didn't expect them to be so tucked away and the neighborhood so impoverished. If a person did not look for them purposefully and did not know Liberec, then perhaps he would not even think of going this way. It's a shame. In addition, we found out that it is only the facade of the house, which is glued to a "modern" house, which is absolutely not suitable. It is said to be a construction school. That's nice, but maybe even scarier.

The wind alley has its own specifics. Not only is it actually a hole, thanks to the neglected surroundings, but it is also the shortest and narrowest alley in the city (3.25 m wide and only 53.30 m long). It was originally 11 houses longer.

Why are the Wallenstein houses called the Wallenstein houses?

The houses are named after their founder - Albrecht of Wallenstein, who acquired Liberec with the Frýdlant estate and gave the impetus that west of today's square Dr. E. Beneš, a new district known as the New Town was built.
The houses are built in the architectural style that was characteristic of this area. The buildings are multi-storey, timbered, half-timbered, with high triangular gables that face the square.
The objects are completely freely accessible from the outside. Unfortunately, even from the outside, it is possible to recognize that they are somewhat impoverished and would need some maintenance.


Author: Adriana Dosedělová