Birthplace of Sigmund Freud Příbor

A total of three houses played an important role in the life of Sigmund Freud:

Information for visitors

Adress: Zámečnická 117, Příbor
GPS: 49.63936440, 18.14253190
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Interesting facts Birthplace of Sigmund Freud Příbor

• birth house in Příbor
• House in Vienna - Sigmund Freud Museum Wien
• House in London - Freud Museum London

The exhibition of houses in Vienna and London focuses on objects that Freud used daily for his work and personal needs, there are libraries and objects in general, referring to his work and life. Unlike both foreign houses, Příborský's focus is completely different. His concept does not copy the well-known facts about Sigmund Freud at all, but presents him as a personality through his thoughts.

Exposition of the birth house

After purchasing tickets, you will receive headphones, from which you will be accompanied by the voice of Sigmund Freud during the tour of the exhibition. Here you will get acquainted with the basic data from the work and personal life of Sigmund Freud, which underlines the atmosphere and the connection with the house as the place where he was born.

A peculiarity here is the fact that the exhibition aims to present this personality as a normal person with a normal relationship to life. Everything is conceived as a fictional story of an ordinary person who returns here in his old town to his hometown, and who remembers his childhood, the moments he spent here, what was decisive in his career and everything, what was important to him.

This concept of the exhibition allows visitors to look into Freud's interior, to get to know him much better and to understand the methods of his work.

The exhibition is complemented by caricatures of Vladimír Jiránek, who saw Sigmund Freud as a contemplative scientist, and who tried to capture the fact that for Freud, humor was the spice of life.

Sigmund Freud's birth house was bought in 2006. The town of Příbor chose Zdeněk Tupý as the author of the project, who carried out the entire reconstruction in just 5 months and took it in the spirit of the second half of the 19th century. The exhibition is conceived according to the GuidePort principle.

The house was ceremoniously opened on May 27, 2006 and the event was attended by the then President Václav Klaus. A copper copy of Sigmund Freud's examination couch was also unveiled at the time.


Author: Andrea Štyndlová