Technical Museum Tatra Kopřivnice

Tatra cars from the Kopřivnice car factory were famous in our country and abroad. In the unique Tatra Kopřivnice Technical Museum, you can view a comprehensive collection mapping the history of the carmaker throughout its more than 150-year history.

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Adress: Záhumenní 367/1, Kopřivnice
GPS: 49.59958110, 18.14350860
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Interesting facts Technical Museum Tatra Kopřivnice

The company was founded in 1850 by Ignác Šustala as a small family business that produced carriages and chariots. Over time, the company grew and began to deal with other means of transport. In 1880 it produced its first railway wagons and in 1987 the first Präsident passenger car. At that time, it was one of the first cars in all of Central Europe. A year later, he was followed by the first truck made by the factory. The company changed its owner and name several times over the next century, but retained its fame for a long time. Under the Tatra brand, passenger cars, commercial vehicles, buses, trams, trolleybuses, motor railway cars and wagons were manufactured. The company was divided into several plants, in Kopřivnice in North Moravia, mainly trucks and internal combustion engines were produced.

Sixty cars and trucks from all periods of the carmaker's production can be seen in the museum. These exhibits are complemented by chassis, engines, models, design designs, period photographs and other interesting things.
One room, the Hall of Fame, is then dedicated to Emil Zátopek, a famous native of Pelhřimov, and his wife Dana. These two Olympians were world-renowned and respected athletes, the success of which many of today's athletes would like to at least see. Check out their photos and trophies from the races and other comments on their extraordinary career.

The museum is open every day practically all year round, from morning until afternoon except Monday. In Kopřivnice, in addition to this museum, there are two others, the Lašské Museum in Šustal's Villa, documenting the history of clay goods production here, and the Fojtství Museum, which shows the history not only of the factory, but of Pelhřimov as a complete picture. You can take advantage of the purchase of a sightseeing ticket, which entitles you to enter all three museums.


Author: Martina Limbergová

Photo author: Lenka Marešová