Landek park - Mining Museum Ostrava

The Mining Museum in Ostrava is the largest museum complex in the Czech Republic with an area of ​​10 hectares. This area includes the well-preserved Anselm mine, where you will see above-ground and underground exhibitions related to mining and mining rescue, as well as many sports grounds and playgrounds for the whole family. It is located at the foot of the Landek hill, after which the whole area is named. Landek is not only a mining locality, but a national natural monument with rich fauna and flora, which makes this corner of Ostrava even more interesting.

Information for visitors

Adress: Pod Landekem 64, Ostrava - Petřkovice
GPS: 49.86886330, 18.26536940
Landek park - Mining Museum Ostrava map

Interesting facts Landek park - Mining Museum Ostrava

The Anselm mine, originally called Ferdinand, was founded in 1830. Coal was mined there until 1991. However, the museum itself began to be built here four years before the mine closed, and in 1993 an underground exhibition of mining equipment and everything was opened to the public. what was related to hard coal mining in the Ostrava region.

The best start to the tour is the exhibition building, where exhibitions showing the history of Landek in the horizon of several thousand years and mining in the Ostrava region are divided. The underground exposition is located in the upper layers of the Anselm mine and can be reached by digging a mine pit in a mining cage, which will give you an idea of ​​how the local miners got to work, even during those few meters of driving. The mine rescue exhibition is the largest such ensemble in the world. You will see here that the profession of mine rescuer was extremely difficult and dangerous, but also indispensable. You will see all the technology that helped these rescuers in situations on the verge of survival. There are also truly unique pieces to see, such as the oldest surviving breathing apparatus from 1884. And you can easily try rescue training at the rescue training ground. Machinery and mining equipment, such as mining locomotives, harvesters or excavating machines, can then be viewed in the open space of the above-ground exhibition. This year, a new exposition of mining transport was opened here, which shows the historical development of material transport in mines. But you will also find here, among other things, the settlement of prehistoric people from the Stone Age, which makes the museum a bit of an open-air museum.

No member of the family will be bored in Landek Park and the Mining Museum. After all, where else can you find so many lessons and entertainment in one place?


Author: Martina Limbergová