Portmoneum - Josef Váchal Museum

Josef Váchal entered the history not only of the town of Litomyšl as a graphic artist, writer and especially as a creator of books, which he himself made from handmade paper, made typesetting, created black and white and color woodcuts, created a binding himself and considered the book comprehensively as a valuable work of art.

Portmoneum - Josef Váchal Museum Portmoneum - Josef Váchal Museum Portmoneum - Josef Váchal Museum Portmoneum - Josef Váchal Museum Portmoneum - Josef Váchal Museum Portmoneum - Josef Váchal Museum

Information for visitors

Adress: T. Novákové 75, Litomyšl - Záhradí
GPS: 49.87055580, 16.31611110
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Interesting facts Portmoneum - Josef Váchal Museum

In 1920, Josef Váchal was invited to Litomyšl by his friend Josef Portman, who asked Váchal to decorate two rooms in his house, which can be found today on Tereza Nováková Street no. 75 in Litomyšl. At first glance, it seems very inconspicuous and the fact that it is a Portmoneum is known mainly due to the sign on the facade of the house, and wooden sculptures standing in front of the entrance to Portmonea.

Josef Váchal's wall paintings, which can be seen in Portmoneo, have their own internal logic, but at first glance they seem completely inconsistent, both the painting styles and the themes themselves have a different effect, and it is practically impossible to decipher them without knowing Váchal's work. and his attitude to art. In addition, the murals are complemented by a number of quotes from this artist, devils and elves are depicted here alongside classic Christian icons, and these are complemented by references to Hindu sources. Everything is done in rich colors and the overall impression of the murals is truly unique!

If you visit Litomyšl, be sure to walk through Váchal Street as well! Located at the house no. 127 on Smetana Square and is interesting in that its entire wall is covered with sgraffito with motifs of the Bloody Novel, a literary work by Josef Váchal. Sgraffito was established here in 1998 and was created by students of the local restoration school.


Author: Andrea Štyndlová