Kašperské Hory Motorcycle Museum

The square in Kašperské Hory is very charming. There are not only picturesque houses and a beautiful church, but you can come across a very unique museum in our country while walking around its perimeter. Its branches are located in Železná Ruda and Bečov nad Teplou, but it is in the town where we stop today that the largest part of the large collection of old motorcycles, bicycles and cars is located. Her spiritual father and at the same time the maintainer of their condition and functionality is Mr. Zdeněk Bálek. It is surprising how large and varied a variety of these rare unique items they own. Everything is the work of his many years of patience, renunciation and honest work to build from the ashes what we, as visitors, can admire for twenty years.

Kašperské Hory Motorcycle Museum Kašperské Hory Motorcycle Museum Kašperské Hory Motorcycle Museum Kašperské Hory Motorcycle Museum Kašperské Hory Motorcycle Museum

Information for visitors

Adress: Vimperská 12, Kašperské Hory
GPS: 49.14433920, 13.55670440
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Interesting facts Kašperské Hory Motorcycle Museum

The motorcycle museum is located in an old building from the 14th century, on its attic. Up to 14.5 meters high truss is built by skilled Šumava carpenters without the use of a single nail. Incredibly! The local spaces breathe an old patina, as they are supported by painting walls and columns with beautiful motifs evoking times past. Even female admirers of times long gone will get their money's worth; one corner with prams and beautifully dressed female mannequins is prepared for them. The owner promises that one day he will open the exhibition itself, in which the prams will play a leading role.

But let's go back to the main part of the museum. If you are a fan of bicycles, you will certainly not miss the Kohout bike from 1890 with a front wheel span of 160 cm. It is also worth mentioning the Wanderer belt motorcycle from 1913 or JAC as the only surviving piece in the world. Other specimens are also admirable, and it is astonishing that all the machines exhibited here are operational.

Be sure to come here, you have until September, when it is open daily from 9.30 to 17.00 with a short lunch break from noon to half past one. In the building you will also find an exhibition of wooden toys and beer bottles. And if you are hungry, you can visit the pizzeria on the ground floor. So cheer for knowledge!


Author: Marcela Horká, Vlastimil Hloupý