Pilsen underground

The underground labyrinths of cities attract many people who want to experience their mysterious atmosphere, walk through all the nooks and crannies and learn interesting facts about the history of the intricate corridors. It is no different in Pilsen, an ancient city where there is no shortage of historical monuments. So when you see the ones on the surface, do not hesitate to descend and be enchanted by the magic of mysteries and secrets of dark corners and alleys.

Information for visitors

Adress: Veleslavínova 58/6, Plzeň 3 - Vnitřní Město
GPS: 49.74873530, 13.38058330
Pilsen underground map

Interesting facts Pilsen underground

The Pilsen underground is one of the longest labyrinths of underground passages in Europe, measuring a respectable 17.5 km and weaving under the entire historic city center. These corridors began to be built here in the 14th century and grew together with the whole city. Originally, the cellars served as storage spaces and in times of peace this was still the case in history, but in addition they formed a great shelter for the inhabitants of the city in times when wars raged around them.

The sightseeing circuit is 800 meters long and offers a lot. You will get acquainted with the history and function of the underground, but also with important events that have affected the face of the city. During the tour you will walk around or even over 20 wells, which were an important part of the underground and allowed you to stay for a longer time. You will see exhibits found during excavations and surveys, including in buried wells. These glass, ceramic, stone and wooden objects bring closer the life of the medieval inhabitants of Pilsen. In addition, there is a replica of the water wheel in the waterworks exhibition and also a book printing exhibition, both exhibitions are very interesting.

The entrance to the Pilsen Underground can be found in the building of the Brewery Museum, which is the oldest museum of its kind in the world. Beer has been brewed in this building since ancient times, as it is the original medieval brewing house. You can combine a visit to the underground with a tour of this museum and learn all about the history of beer brewing from the Middle Ages to the advent of the Industrial Revolution and the emergence of large breweries.

The Pilsen underground is open all year round, except in January, so you can visit it at any time and in any weather.


Author: Martina Limbergová