Czech Chocolate Museum Prague

Historically, the first Czech chocolate museum, which can be found at 20 Oldřichova Street in Prague 2, is another great tip for a trip for both families with children and adults. The history of chocolate is more than 3,000 years old and is linked to the Mayan civilization and the Aztecs, for whom chocolate was a magical drink.

Information for visitors

Adress: Celetná 557/10, Praha 1 - Staré Město
GPS: 50.06563000, 14.42750000
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Interesting facts Czech Chocolate Museum Prague

In a popular form of workshops, all visitors can try, for example, the production of their own chocolate, they will have the opportunity to get acquainted live with the production of pralines or paint a picture - how else but from chocolate.

The museum also has a chocolate factory located right at the entrance, offering an amazing selection of pralines, made from high quality chocolate without additional fats and more than unusual flavors, such as garlic, wassabi, caviar or chilli. You may not have known until now that there is also chocolate beer, wine or so-called chocolate bars - you will also have the opportunity to try them here.

In a number of interesting and useful information, the paintings of the professor of fine arts and drawing, Vladimír Čech, created of course from chocolate, certainly stand out. There are a hundred of them, they are painted from milk, white and dark chocolate and tastings are strictly forbidden, however, there are still plenty of opportunities to enjoy a tour of the senses in the museum.

The most interesting for children

The film focuses on the history of chocolate production, information on what spices the Aztecs added to this delicacy or how chocolate was made in London in the 18th century, will attract more adult visitors to the museum. There are no less opportunities for children to have fun! A popular workshop, for example, is where children can decorate a chocolate cat with five types of chocolate and enjoy the rest of the chocolate. There is also a program of sugar divination, solving a chocolate quiz or painting chocolate paintings.

The collection of historical chocolate packaging is equally interesting for adults and children. However, you are guaranteed to be most pleased with the chocolate workshop with the possibility of casting your own chocolate, making your own packaging, pralines, modeling a chocolate figurine or a picture on edible paper made of plastic chocolate.


Author: Andrea Štyndlová