Museum of Prague legends and ghosts

Visit the mysterious world of Prague's legends, ghosts and apparitions! The Museum of Prague Ghosts and Legends on Mostecká Street right in the center of Prague will offer you a wide constellation of the most famous and scariest ghosts of old Prague! The interactive exhibition will captivate children of all ages and undoubtedly also adults.

Information for visitors

Adress: Mostecká 46/18, Praha 1
GPS: 50.08744720, 14.40590530
Museum of Prague legends and ghosts map

Interesting facts Museum of Prague legends and ghosts

The museum is divided into two parts: a mysterious alley of ghosts and a ground floor part, which is mostly devoted to legends.

The underground ghost alley was built at the level of the former medieval streets and gives an opportunity to look into the atmosphere of midnight Prague many, many years ago. The special genius of the loci is spared the noise of traffic and dark corners hide the most feared ghosts of Prague: knights without heads, skeletons, love creatures and bizarre animals. They all have one thing in common: to this day they have been preserved in our minds through legends and old stories.

You can expect everything in the Museum of Prague Ghosts and Legends, but don't expect boredom! The ghosts will play hide and seek with you here, and the entrance to the museum itself is playfully focused. There is a giant book in which a number of Prague legends are written and there are interactive exhibits.

The museum's exhibition focuses exclusively on authentic records and legends. There is a Golem, Faust, a skeleton, a rarach in Malá Strana and a devil from Vyšehrad.

If you want to taste the world of ghosts from another angle as well, you can go straight to the streets of Prague with a "ghost"! The museum offers a total of seven routes, lasting approximately 2 hours, and includes a walk through secluded corners and poetic streets of old Prague. All the while, the ghost will tell you legends directly about the places you are going through.


Author: Andrea Štyndlová