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The Podkrušnohorské Technical Museum was established in 2003 at the former Julius III deep mine, and the main reason for its establishment is to acquaint the public with the history of coal mining and processing in the central part of the brown coal basin in northern Bohemia. Thanks to the museum, the possibilities of local tourism have grown to include a unique object in which it is possible to organize cultural events and which will enrich social life in this region.

Information for visitors

Adress: Podkrušnohorské technické muzeum, Litvínov - Růžodol
GPS: 50.55451940, 13.62223170
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Interesting facts Podkrušnohorské technical museum Most

The aim of the founders of the Podkrušnohorský Technical Museum was to create a zone of technical monuments in the Podkrušnohoří region. The museum's exposition will acquaint visitors with the customs and traditions that are somehow connected to mining life.

Museum exposition

In the Podkrušnohorský Technical Museum you can see real expositions, focused on:

ore mining with a mining uniform, which was to comply with the regulations of the Ministry of Plowing from 1890, including a cross-section of the kiln, which was used to process limestone. In addition, there is also an interactive games room and the opportunity to look into the ore gallery.
deep mining, where you can try plowing into the lignite gallery Julius, where the permoník is hidden
• rescue technology
• surface quarry technology

Thanks to the fact that the museum's exposition is located in the premises of the former deep house Julius III, everything looks perfectly authentic to the visitors. The historical exhibits are real and they will also impress visitors immensely, as well as the fact that they can try to work in the mines themselves.

How to get here?

The former deep mine Julius III can be found between Most and Litvínov. After the town of Most, just follow the signs to Litvínov-Záluží and after about two kilometers turn right, cross the railway bridge and continue to be guided by the map.

If you go here by train, get off at the Most-Minerva stop and then walk about 400 meters according to the signs to the museum.


Author: Andrea Štyndlová