Skanzen Zubrnice

In the picturesque landscape of the Bohemian Central Mountains and in the local area of ​​rolling hills we find the youngest open-air museum in Bohemia, the core of which is an old historic village. The local development of folk architecture includes buildings:

Information for visitors

Adress: Zubrnice 74, Zubrnice
GPS: 50.64869640, 14.22141780
Skanzen Zubrnice map

Interesting facts Skanzen Zubrnice

• half-timbered
• brick
• timbered

Here you can see a number of exhibitions, both outdoors and indoors, for the location of which some objects are used.

The village of Zubrnice can be found near Ústí nad Labem. If you go here, just go on the way to Děčín and turn in Malý Březno to Zubrnice.

Open-air museum objects

The dominant element of the village square is a baroque well, built in 1695, which was transferred to the open-air museum from Střížovice near Ústí nad Labem.

Timbered homestead no. 61 is a reminder of the work of people and their lives in the open-air museum, it was built in 1808 and was one of the richest and largest homesteads in the village.

The village shop has the form of a brick two-storey house, built during the middle of the 19th century. The interior was renovated and equipped with old equipment, which was commonly used in shops in the 50s.

A small water mill with an upper drive has a power supply from Luční potok. The timbered mill has the form of an extension to its own residential timbered house.

The local railway station is a technical monument, which was built in 1890 for the local railway from Březno to Úštěk.

Part of the open-air museum is also the church of St. Mary Magdalene, school or granary.

Exposed exposures

Visitors can look forward to a tour of a timbered homestead with exhibits in the interior and exterior, which include, among other things, a unique fruit dryer. There is a village shop, a school and a church, where exhibitions are held regularly. The mentioned station can be found near the village and the water mill is in the direction upstream.

In the Zubrnice open-air museum you can visit two sightseeing tours:

The historic village - open from April to October - includes a farmhouse, outbuildings, a school, a church and a shop
Mlýnské údolí - open from May to September - includes an exposition of the mill in Týniště 27

It is possible to walk a circular route, including both mentioned circuits.


Author: Andrea Štyndlová