Theresa valley

On trips around the Novohradské Mountains, you have a unique opportunity to visit the aristocratic park, the national natural monument Terčino údolí (originally Tereziino údolí, Krásné údolí). This romantic place was declared a national natural monument in 1949, both rare trees and buildings that were built here are protected. This beautiful park is located in the valley of the Stropnice River, about 1 km from the New Castles.

Information for visitors

Adress: , Nové Hrady
GPS: 48.78386110, 14.76835580
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Interesting facts Theresa valley

The park was built by the Buquoy family
The Terčino or Tereziino údolí landscape park was built in 1756 by Count Buquoy at the request of his wife, Countess Terezia, after whom the park is named. Rare exotic trees were planted in the park, some of which you can admire to this day, but others have disappeared with age. A pheasant house once stood on the site. The original area of ​​70 hectares has grown to 139 hectares. The romantic French ideals of free and unrestrained nature were a model for the appearance of the park. The park was also complemented by period buildings and other decorations. On objects reminiscent of monuments, you can read short poetic texts, mostly with praise of friendship.

You can visit the preserved objects today
The original entrance gate will take you to the park itself. Here you will surely be interested in the Lázniček building, the Empire house of Wenceslas Spa, the ruins of a blue house from the Classicist period, today's guest house from a well-preserved Hamer mill, Swiss house, ponds, Cuknštejn fortress, memorial oak over 500 years old and especially an artificial waterfall over twenty meters high . You can see all the sights while walking along the nature trail that leads through the valley.

Terča's valley has undergone changes
You will get to know the history and changes of Terčina Valley in more detail on a 5 km long nature trail. Twelve information panels describe both nature and the changes of the Terčina valley over time. The park was damaged by floods before the Second World War, after the war it was not maintained at all or only suddenly. Many parts have only been restored in recent years.

Author: Helena Syslová