Čertova stěna - Luč

The Čertova stěna - Luč National Nature Reserve covers an area of about 140 ha in places between Vyšší Brod and Loučovice, directly above the famous Čertova streams of the Vltava River. Its origin dates back to 1992 and was created by merging the Devil's Wall and Luč.

Information for visitors

Adress: , Loučovice
GPS: 48.63103750, 14.27346280
Čertova stěna - Luč map

Interesting facts Čertova stěna - Luč

• Čertova stěna - a state nature reserve founded in 1956 on the right bank of the river and covers an area of ​​10 ha

• Luč - a state nature reserve founded in the year on the left bank of the river and covers an area of ​​95 ha

The Čertova stěna - Luč reservation was expanded in 2005 on the right-hand section and the Vltava River was also included in its territory.

The Devil's Wall has the character of a wild rock cliff, which is covered by granite boulders in a random arrangement, ie a rocky sea. All around are birches and pines, the shape of which often looks bizarre.

Directly above the valley you will see the Devil's Pulpit, from where there is an impressive view of the Vltava. The very name Devil's Wall may remind you of the composer Bedřich Smetana, who was inspired by this formation in the opera Devil's Wall.

Below the Devil's Wall, the line called the Vltava, which meanders through a riverbed full of boulders. This place is known as the Devil's Streams.

Access to the Devil's Wall

The easiest way to get to the Devil's Wall is from the parking lot near the road leading from Loučovice to Vyšší Brod. Along the opposite bank of the Vltava there is a hiking trail and a bike path with information boards.
Tourists are not allowed to enter the rocky sea.
Impressive views await you at the top of Luč at an altitude of 933 meters. It is accessible by a blue marked hiking trail and from here there is a beautiful view of the Vltava valley, Lipany and the Devil's Wall.

Author: Andrea Štyndlová