Plešné jezero Šumava

If you go on a holiday to Lipno and if you are looking for a good tip for a trip to the surroundings, then know that Plešné Lake is one of the most beautiful places you will find in this area. The very path to it is breathtaking! It leads through wild nature, partly along an asphalt road, but boredom is definitely not waiting for you. You will always have enough stimuli to admire. One of the interesting places you will meet on the route is the Schwarzenberg canal, which is one of the most interesting technical monuments in our country.

Information for visitors

Adress: , Nová Pec
GPS: 48.77725830, 13.86675030
Plešné jezero Šumava map

Interesting facts Plešné jezero Šumava

TIP: At the Schwarzenberg Canal, stop for a moment at the aqueduct and notice an interesting optical illusion: the water will give the impression of flowing uphill.

According to legend, Plešné Lake is bottomless, but in fact it is 18 meters deep at the deepest point. It looks beautiful and extremely mysterious. Another legend says that one of the lake walls hides a treasure. The rock opens on Good Friday - only then can the treasure be obtained.

Directly above Plešné Lake stands a monument to Adalbert Stifter, a poet who came from Šumava. The height of the monument is 14.5 meters.

The lake itself is actually a reminder of the ice age.

Lake Plešné is located in close proximity to the state border with Austria and can be crossed practically at any time and in any place, you just need to have either a passport or an identity card.

Stone sea

Approximately 200 meters from Plešné Lake you will find the Stone Sea, which is unique. From Nová Pec there is a green marked hiking trail. It consists of massive granite boulders and covers an area of ​​approximately 6 hectares. The rocky sea is overgrown with kneeling pine, which is almost non-existent at similar altitudes. We can also find forest pine here, which reaches its height maximum in the Šumava region in these places.

Author: Andrea Štyndlová