Stožecká skála

One of the dominants of the Šumava National Park is Stožecká skála. If you climb the forested hill Stožec, you will find that you have found yourself in a nature reserve, which is dominated by a granite rock. It was named Stožecká skála and in 1989 it was declared a natural monument. It is protected for several reasons - the main ones are rocky outcrops and rubble fields, as well as a community of mixed forests on these rocky outcrops and in the vicinity.

Information for visitors

Adress: , Stožec
GPS: 48.87376500, 13.82326470
Stožecká skála map

Interesting facts Stožecká skála

There was a watchtower
On Stožecká skála you can see the remains of a rock guard castle, which probably dates from the 13th century and was supposed to protect the so-called Golden Trail. It was used to transport salt from the Alps to Prachatice and from there on to the whole kingdom. A small wooden chapel is built on the rock just below the top, which hides a water spring. There was also a picture of the Mother of God and the chapel was also a place of pilgrimage. The chapel was abandoned over the centuries and was not renovated until 1988.

The stream of rubble forms a rocky sea
Stožecká skála stands on Stožec hill, measuring about 30 m and creating a stream of rubble downwards, which is also referred to as the rocky sea. From the top there is a beautiful view of the surrounding countryside, especially Třístoličník, a mountain that lies on the border of Bohemia, Austria and Germany and where, according to legend, the rulers of these countries met. The mixed forests at the foot are also remarkable, they are remnants of primeval forests that grow on gravel slopes. The original forest was destroyed by accidental logging, its remains are protected.

Take the nature trail
While walking along the nature trail to Stožecká skála, you will walk through the center of the Šumava National Park. Under the Stožec hill you can relax in the shelter, where you can also put your bikes away. From here, the trail leads to a wooden chapel and to the ascent to Stožecká skála, where you can enjoy views of the countryside. The trail is 1.5 km long. Due to its preserved beauty, the area first became a protected natural creation, later a reservation and now belongs to the 1st zone of the Šumava National Park.

Author: Helena Syslová