Three-border mountain

Part of the 1st zone of the Šumava National Park is also the natural monument Trojmezná hora. You can find it in the Prachatice district, near the village of Nová Pec. This includes the area of the whole Trojmezná and Plechý, including Plešné Lake. The subject of protection are spruce stands located in the highest positions on the Czech side of the Šumava Mountains and other unique natural features. The reservation is located at an altitude of over 1000 meters.

Information for visitors

Adress: Plešné jezero, Nová Pec
GPS: 48.77270000, 13.81377920
Three-border mountain map

Interesting facts Three-border mountain

Rare natural creations
Mountain spruces, beeches, cage stands, Plešné Lake created by glacier activity and rocky seas make this area very valuable. In addition to the glacial lake and the rocky sea, which are rare natural creations, you will also find man-made sights, such as the Schwarzenberg Canal. Some rare species of plants and animals also live here.

Protected plants and animals
Mountain spruces were much more numerous here, but they were damaged by a bark beetle calamity. Sometimes you can also see cranes, kneeling stands are among the most important in our country. You can also see the highest Šumava highlands. Plešné Lake also provides a refuge for unique communities. Rare animals that you can see are represented by, for example, the capercaillie, the wren or the three-toed woodpecker. On Trojmezná hora you can recognize such a forest as it was in the time of our ancestors. It has been partially preserved here. The trail starts at Plešné Lake and ends at the monument to the writer Adalbert Stifter.

Attractive views
Trojmezná lies on the state border with Germany. It is a mountain with two peaks, the higher one is located in the Czech territory, the lower one already belongs to Germany. Just below the summit meet three borders - Czech, Austrian and German. At this point there is a landmark with the names of states and national emblems. There is a very good view from the top itself, for example, the Alps or the vast Šumava forests are beautifully visible.

Author: Helena Syslová